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<div class="ExternalClass19B63D34EFCA45689565B4052F338CFD"><div><p>We provide a full range of basic and highly specialized emergency health care and trauma services to all of BC. Provincial referral centre for quaternary emergency services including: spinal, neurosurgery, severe trauma and severe burns. Houses the provincial burns centre. Services are prioritized based on the severity of a patient's condition upon arrival.</p></div></div>West 10th Avenue 920<div class="ExternalClassC81CA989D39541CEB1C4B3AFB91D5D82">Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week</div>(604) 875-4111V5Z 1M9BC<div class="ExternalClassE3F56800D5DB4B799855DC4FE94AD33B"></div><p>Main entrance is off of 10th Avenue, near south-east corner of 10th avenue and Oak Street. To locate a patient who may be in the emergency department, call the hospital switchboard at (604) 875-4111.</p>49.26186209999999,-123.12459430000001<div class="ExternalClassFA1D87A67ED846788CB194CEDE76C9EF"><div><div><p>English. Translators available.<br></p></div></div></div><div class="ExternalClassC4B1FF6E6F6147AAB59A925C8DC1A0F7"><p>Younger clients with less serious health concerns to BC Children's Hospital to better use resources and provide specialized care for this special population. </p><p>Age range: 17 and above</p></div>Vancouver General Hospital - Jim Pattison Pavilion

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