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Hearing Resources for Vancouver Schools

We provide comprehensive hearing services for children, from birth to 19 years old, including outreach hearing screening to elementary school students and clinical services at the Audiology Centre.

Hearing screenings

The Hearing Screening Team visits elementary schools twice during the school year (Fall/Winter and Spring) to screen for hearing loss and for medical conditions of the outer and middle ear. We provide screening for the following groups:

  • All students in kindergarten
  • Children who require re-screening as follow up from a previous screening visit
  • Children or youth referred by parents or school staff because hearing is a concern

Please note that the Mobile Hearing van is no longer in use. We require a quiet room on the school grounds for hearing screening.  We will contact you to arrange a suitable screening date and a quiet room for screening.

Once the screening date is scheduled, we will send the school notices for each Kindergarten student to take home to parents/guardians. It is very important for these notices to be distributed by the classroom teachers to students at least two weeks prior to the screening date because they contain important legal information about parent/guardian consent to screening and information sharing. We will also provide you with a poster to display outside of each Kindergarten classroom advising parents/guardians of the upcoming screening date.

Make a referral for screening

You can refer a student for hearing screening by completing the referral form and faxing it to the Vancouver Community Audiology Centre at least one week before the scheduled screening date at your school. Signed Parent/Guardian consent must be obtained on the referral form for students in grades 1-8. You can refer secondary school students for hearing screening by submitting a referral form as well. The Audiology Centre will screen them during a visit to a nearby elementary school or make other arrangements.

Follow-up and screening results

Based on the screening results, we may refer a student for more comprehensive assessment by an audiologist at the Audiology Centre. We will notify parents/guardians directly if an assessment is needed.

We will refer students who demonstrate evidence of outer and/or middle ear disorders for a medical consultation. They will also be re-screened the next time we visit your school.

We send hearing screening results to parents/guardians via the school shortly after screening.  We also share hearing screening results with school principals as long as parents/guardians have consented to sharing these results with the school.

Other Hearing Services

Audiologists can assess hearing and recommend and evaluate hearing aids, assistive listening devices and FM auditory training equipment. We can also recommend appropriate sources of funding for hearing aids and provide education to teachers and staff on how these devices work. You can contact the Audiology Centre at (604) 659-1100 for more information about this service.

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