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Immunization Program for Vancouver Schools

The school immunization program protects as many children as possible against vaccine-preventable diseases. We immunize at the earliest appropriate age and give booster vaccines as needed.
Vancouver school health manual - Section 2: School immunization

Nurse's Role

1. Recommends the right vaccines for each student

  • Requests vaccination information from parents and assesses the need for further vaccines according to established immunization schedules
  • Answers questions about immunizations for parents, students and school staff
  • Requests signed parental consent
    • Elementary school setting: Elementary school children are not immunized without parental consent
    • Secondary schools: As per B.C. legislation called “The Infant’s Act”, some students are considered mature minors and may sign their own consent forms. This is typically done at the school if parent consent has not been received prior to the school clinic

2. Provides easy access to immunization services at school

  • Schedules school immunization clinics with the school secretary or administrator
  • Notifies parents of clinic dates through school correspondence
  • Conducts immunization clinics and gives each student a record of his or her immunizations

School's Role

1. Assists with the collection of immunization records and signed consents

  • Provides public health with student directory and homeroom/class lists as requested
  • Ensures that each student’s name and homeroom are marked on all forms and messages
  • Distributes information and consent forms to parents and caregivers
  • Returns completed consent forms to the public health nurse

2. Facilitates the delivery of quality immunization services in the school setting

  • Assists public health to advertise vaccination and school clinics by posting or distributing important immunization information (i.e. posters, school newsletter, website, etc.)
  • Avoids booking other activities (i.e. field trips or sports days) at the same time as pre-scheduled immunization clinics
  • Provides appropriate space for safe immunization including a waiting area for students to remain 15 minutes following immunization
  • Fosters a positive attitude in the classroom about keeping healthy through immunization and dispels unreasonable fear of needles
  • Directs all immunization questions to the public health nurse


Immunization: An Important Choice You Make for Your Child - Excellent resource for teachers, parents, and caregivers. It includes the latest information about the importance and safety of childhood immunizations. This book is written in plain language and features diagrams that visually portray the dangers of each vaccine preventable disease. 

For further information about immunizations and to learn more about the current immunization schedules visit our Immunizations page or the Immunize BC website.

What vaccines should my child be receiving?

Routine childhood vaccination schedule - For children two months old to Grade Nine
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