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Following immunization schedules

A child without an immunization record, or proof of having had a disease, is considered unimmunized and unprotected. Your child will be offered missing immunizations to ensure best protection. If you are here from another country or province, try to get your child's record sent to you.
You may be required to show records to attend:
  • Daycare and preschool
  • Elementary and secondary school
  • After school child care
  • Camp and outdoor school
  • College or university

Get your child's immunization record checked

Bring your child's immunization record to a community health centre to check:
  • What immunizations your child has received
  • The routine childhood immunizations available, which may be different than your home country or province
  • Find out if any routine vaccines were missed

Keep your child safe by getting all immunizations on time

If an infectious disease happens at their school or daycare, children who are missing immunizations may be asked to stay home until it is safe to return. They may miss days or even weeks of school or daycare.
You can get an immunization appointment for your child at:
  • Any community health centre
  • Your family doctor's office

Talk to a nurse

You can call any community health centre and ask to speak to a nurse about immunizations. Your family doctor can also answer your questions.

Public health nurses can:
  • Check immunization records
  • Answer immunization questions
  • Provide missing vaccines

Just moved here? Download a brochure about your child's immunizations

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