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Whooping cough immunization

Both adults and children should be vaccinated against the whooping cough, which is called pertussis.

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When does my child need a vaccination?

Whooping cough can be life-threatening for an infant. All parents should ensure their child’s pertussis immunizations are up-to-date and received on time.

The vaccination is a part of the regular immunization schedule in BC and is given free of charge at two, four, six, and 18 months of age, between four and six years old and in grade nine.

When should adults get vaccinated?

If you are due for your tetanus diphtheria booster, there is a vaccine that also protects against pertussis called Tdap vaccine. Talk to your pharmacist, doctor, or the VCH Travel Clinic about your need for the pertussis vaccine. Tdap is available for a fee.

Where can I get the whooping cough vaccine?

Childhood immunizations are available from family physicians and public health nurses. Grade nine booster vaccines are given in school-based clinics by public health nurses.

Adults can ask about whooping cough vaccine at their family doctor or medical clinic, at the VCH Travel Clinic, and at participating pharmacies. There will be a fee. If you plan on visiting a pharmacy, call ahead to make sure the vaccine is in stock.

Find a vaccination clinic near you

Use the map below to find a location near you. Use the bar on the left-hand side of the map to zoom in. Select the red marker for the location name and contact information. 

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