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Vancouver Vaisakhi Festival

If you are serving or giving away food while on public land (e.g. sidewalks, the street), there are some rules & tips to follow so that everyone has a healthy and safe celebration.

1. Private vs public land

Determine if you are serving food while on public or private property. The image below shows the difference between private and public land with arrows. If food is given away inside your yard and your private property, then you do not need a food permit. If you will be on public property, follow the rest of the instructions.

2. Food safety

Read the following information and ensure you're following food safety procedures. 

3. Food safety do's & don'ts

Read the following images and ensure you're following food safety do's and don'ts.

  • In Punjabi: 

  • In English: 

4. Submit application

Complete the temporary food services application. You may complete the application on this webpage or print the application. Submit the completed application at least 14 business days before the festival.

2020 Vaisakhi parade route map

 Open Vaisakhi parade route map PDF


Start 8000 Ross St.  North on Ross. West on 57th Ave. North on Main street  East on 49th Ave. South on Fraser st. East on 57th Ave. South on Ross St to 8000 Ross St. 


An environmental health officer is available to help you in English or Punjabi. Call Senior Environmental Health Officer Shelley Beaudet at (604) 675-3807 or email

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