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Tobacco enforcement

We work with retail outlets and minors to enforce tobacco control bylaws and regulations such as the Tobacco Control Act and Tobacco Control Regulation that prohibit the sale of tobacco to minors. The Act and Regulation also restricts the sale, distribution, advertising/promotion of tobacco and where tobacco may be used.

Tobacco compliance checks

Compliance checks of retailers are done routinely by tobacco enforcement officers where test shoppers (minors under the age of 18), under direct supervision of tobacco enforcement officers, are asked to attempt to purchase a tobacco product from retailers. 

Progressive enforcement on failure to comply with the Tobacco Control Act and Regulation can lead to a violation ticket being issued or the suspension of the vendor's license to sell tobacco products.

Tobacco fines

Fines range from $58 to $575 depending on the violation. Retailers and the general public may call for more information about the Tobacco Control Act and Tobacco Control Regulation and how they are enforced.

Tobacco retailer resource kit

It is the responsibility of the retailers to ensure that they and their staff know and comply with the Tobacco Control Laws. Download the Tobacco retailer resource kit for more information and helpful tips.

Contact tobacco control enforcement

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