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Tobacco protection

VCH is smoke-free

The use of tobacco, cannabis and vapour products is prohibited in or on all VCH owned and/or operated, contracted/funded facilities and grounds. Non-compliance of the policy may result in enforcement action by VCH Tobacco Enforcement Officers. 

There are no designated smoking areas. If a patient, client or resident needs to use medically prescribed cannabis, (i.e. they have a Health Canada-compliant Medical Document from an authorized health care provider and have a Health Canada-authorized source) they have two options:

  • Leave VCH property and smoke or vape in a location where they do not affect other people.

  • Use a formulary alternative (e.g. nabilone).

VCH smoke-free premises policy

Encouraging smoke-free environments

VCH supports smoke-free places and actively encourages our communities to strengthen local bylaws to protect their citizens from second-hand smoke. Several of our communities - including Vancouver, Whistler and Richmond - have enacted stricter legislation than what is required in the provincial legislation.

Creating smoke-free places is an important health protective measure. Making your home and vehicle smoke-free are simple ways that you can make a difference for yourself and loved ones.

Children and tobacco smoke

Second-hand smoke is more harmful to children and babies than adults because their lungs are smaller and they breathe faster. Learn more through the following resources.

Babies need breathing space

Kids need breathing space

How to make your outdoor event smoke-free

Second-hand smoke is harmful and is not safe in any amount. Create a healthy and safe environment for all by making your event smoke-free.

How to make your event smoke-free:

  1. Review and follow steps outlined in the Smoke-Free Outdoor Event Planning Guide (download below)

  2. Print signage for your event (download below) OR order as a vinyl sign by contacting the VCH Tobacco Reduction program at (604) 675-3801 or email: 

  3. Place signage throughout event venue and communicate with staff about smoke-free status and how to handle non-compliance

Smoke-free outdoor event planning guide

Smoke-free event signs (10x8) 

Smoke-free event signs (17x11) 

Smoke-free signage

Smoke-free sign - generic

Smoke-free sign - within 6 metres of doorways, windows and air intakes 

Smoke-free sign - patios

Smoke-free sign - within 6 metres of patios

Smoke-free signage - BC Lung Association

Links to provincial, municipal and federal smoking regulations

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