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Tobacco & vapour products protection

VCH is smoke & vapour-free

The use of tobacco, cannabis and vapour products is prohibited in or on all VCH-owned and/or operated, contracted/funded facilities and grounds. 

VCH smoke-free premises policy

Risks for children

Second-hand smoke and vapour are more harmful to children and babies than adults because their lungs are smaller, and they breathe faster. Make your home and vehicle smoke and vapour-free.

Learn more through the following resources:

Babies need breathing space

Kids need breathing space

Federal & provincial tobacco & vapour products legislation

Federal- Tobacco and Vaping Products Act

Provincial - Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act  

Municipal smoke and vapour-free bylaws & policies
Municipal bylaws

Vancouver Coastal Health Municipalities with Bylaws Exceeding the Provincial Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act  

Smoke-free signage

Smoke-free signage - BC Lung Association

Smoke & vapour-free outdoor events

Second-hand smoke and vapour are harmful and not safe in any amount. Create a healthy and safe environment for all by making outdoor events smoke and vapour-free.

Smoke-free outdoor event planning guide

Smoke-free event signs (10x8)

Smoke-free event signs (17x11)

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