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Fall Prevention

Did you know that everyone is at risk for falls, no matter what your age? Falls can happen at home or in the community. We have a number of resources, including a brochure, a home activity program and clinic available to help you understand and avoid falls.

Learn how to stay on your feet

Download our comprehensive “Stay on Your Feet” brochure in your language to learn ways to reduce your risk of falling at home or in the community.  The illustrated brochure will help you:
  • Discover ways to reduce your risk of falling at home or in the community. 

  • Understand how your health may affect your ability to stay on your feet. Your vision, medication, chronic or acute illness or Parkinson’s disease may be risk factors for falling.

  • Learn simple, practical exercises to help you improve your strength and balance.

  • Make a plan in case you do fall and learn how to get up safely.  

Home Activity Program

The Home Activity Program is designed for home and community care clients to improve balance and muscle strength.
To assist people with different abilities, the program has three levels of activities. These include activities that may be done while sitting, standing or moving. All levels promote health, well-being and prevent falls. 

Watch the Home Activity program introduction video below to learn more, or click on the Home Activity Program link in your language in the left hand menu.

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