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Falls Clinic Referral

The History

In early 2019, it was identified that there was a gap in falls clinic referrals for in-patients across VCH. At the time, patients were assessed and identified as being high risk for a fall but upon discharge there were a variety of clinics with varying resources, admissions criteria and forms to which they could be referred. In an effort to improve patient care, prevent future injury, and simplify the process for referring patients, VGH Trauma Services mapped all of the falls clinics across the region to identify all possible referral scenarios. In collaboration with the various falls clinics one combined referral form was created.

The Process

  • The new process for referring patients would involve:
    • Who: Occupational Therapists and  Physiotherapists
      • Who are following an in-patient who is deemed a high risk for falls, via the MORSE falls scale
  • When: The in-patient is being discharged (or just prior to)

  • Where: At any location across VCH (although falls clinics are only located in West Vancouver, Richmond, and Vancouver)

  • Why: To prevent the patient from falling or falling again

  • How: Complete the VCH Falls Clinic Referral Form. Fax the form to the appropriate clinic using the "Referral to Clinic" section (ensures the patient meets the criteria for the clinic)

Seniors' falls prevention has been endorsed as an injury prevention priority for all Health Authorities including VCH by the Ministry of Health

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