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Medical care

It's normal to worry about your child and to try to keep them as safe as possible. The good news is that babies and young children are a lot tougher than we might think. But there are always steps that you can take to protect your child from avoidable illness and injury.

Some things you might be thinking about include:

  • Keeping your child healthy includes understanding what to know about:
  • Allergies – Be aware of signs and symptoms of food or environment related allergies. 
  • Immunizations – Know what vaccines your child needs and when they should get them.
  • Hearing – Monitor and protect your child's hearing to help them develop speech and language skills.
  • Vision – Make sure your child gets their vision checked starting at a young age so they can see the world around them clearly.
Forgive yourself and your partner for mistakes – nobody is perfect.
Take care of yourself. Parents who are feeling lonely, afraid, sad or worried will find it hard to respond to their baby's needs. If you are concerned about your safety in your relationship have a look here for resources.
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