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Consider breastfeeding

VCH has an Infant Feeding Policy to protect, promote and support breastfeeding. There are many reasons that breastfeeding is the best choice for most families.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby

Breast milk is good for your baby because it:

  • Is always fresh and ready

  • Will help your baby keep a healthy body weight

  • May increase protection against illnesses such as childhood diabetes

  • Increases protection against ear, chest and stomach infections

  • May increase protection against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

  • Helps to prevent constipation

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mothers

Breastfeeding is good for you because it helps:

  • Promote closeness and bonding with baby

  • The uterus to return to its normal size after birth

  • To control bleeding after birth

  • To protect you against cancer of the breast and ovary

  • You return to a healthy body weight after giving birth

Other Benefits of Breastfeeding

Other benefits of breastfeeding include:

  • Saving money (formula can be very expensive)

  • Saving time (no need to prepare formula and bottles)

  • It's better for the environment (no formula and bottle packages to throw out)

Some things you might not know about breastfeeding:

  • You can breastfeed and use birth control at the same time (talk to your health care provider about safe options)

  • Your employer must accommodate you if you need to pump breast milk at work

More information is available in the Breastfeeding section.

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