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Keeping Your Preschooler Involved

Your preschooler is starting to take an active role in the daily routine and in helping to build strong family relationships. Whatever your family looks like – whether it's just you and your child; or whether your household has many members of several generations – your preschooler needs to feel secure, loved and like they belong in order to thrive. A strong family will help your child's behaviour, learning, development and healthy habits around eating and sleep.

  • Have regular family meals together

  • Do activities together as a family

  • Talk with each other. Make it safe to talk about feelings and difficult topics

  • Work together to solve problems. Everyone should have a chance to give their ideas.

  • Share household chores. Give your preschooler chores to do too. It will help them to feel like an important member of the family

  • Let your child make a few simple decisions for the family. Example: what to eat for the family meal

  • Take an interest in every family member's day; include everyone in the conversation

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Immunization for Preschoolers

Immunization is a healthy choice that saves lives. When you immunize your child, you're protecting them against illness and serious harms such as meningitis, pneumonia, paralysis, deafness, seizures, brain damage, cancer or even death. 

BC's immunization program provides free vaccines to protect your child from 15 diseases. It is not too late to catch up on immunizations – contact a public health centre for clinic appointments.

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