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Child care

Most parents will need someone to look after their child at some point, whether is it for full-time or part-time care while they are at work or for a few hours a week so they can have a bit of time for their own interests.

Start your search for a child-care provider early so you can find a good fit for your family. Remember this is a big change, so be patient with your child and yourself as you adjust to new routines. There are many options available but the first thing to consider is what is important to you.

Considerations for child care:

  • Do you need full-time, part-time or occasional child care? If it isn't full-time, will the days and hours change each week?

  • What hours do you need your child to be in care? (Don't forget to include your travel time to and from if it isn't in your home.)

  • How much can you afford to spend on child care each month?

  • What type of environment will best suit your child? Do you want them to have individual attention or be in a group to develop social skills? Do you want your child cared for in your home or somewhere else?


Costs can vary greatly depending on the type of care you find for your child.

  • If the cost of child care is too high for your budget, you may be eligible for the BC Child Care Subsidy.

  • If your child has special needs, you may also be eligible for the Special Needs Supplement. This ensures extra resources are available to support your child.

Staying Healthy in Child Care

It is very common for a child to develop a cold or other minor illness soon after starting a group child care program. You can help prevent your child from getting sick, by following a few common-sense practices:

  • Teach your child to wash their hands regularly, and always before and after eating.

  • Make sure your child is immunized according to the BC immunization schedule.

  • Provide your child with healthy food choices and plenty of water to drink.

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