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Eating & nutrition

Your preschooler is becoming more independent. It's important to keep supporting them in developing healthy eating habits.

Tips for Feeding Your Preschooler

  • Have family meals together as much as possible.

  • You decide what food is served and when. Your child decides which of the offered foods to eat and how much.

  • Use safe handling practices when preparing food.

  • Offer a variety of foods from the 4 food groups in Canada's Food Guide.

  • Prepare healthy recipes and offer healthy drinks.

  • Create a meal time routine with 3 meals and 2-3 snacks each day.

  • Set limits. When your child asks for unhealthy choices like pop or candy, it's your job to say "no".

  • Have sit down snacks. Don't let them run around or play while eating.

  • Take precautions to prevent choking. Your child is still only learning how to eat.

Food safety – it's crucial to know how to handle and store food to prevent your child from being affected by food poisoning or other food-related illnesses.

Snack & meal ideas making snack and meal times healthy and fun are smart ways of creating lifelong eating habits for your preschooler.

You can learn more about feeding your preschooler here.

Talk to a Dietitian

If you are looking for additional support or information around feeding and/or nutrition information, you can:

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