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Toddlers can be a handful. Their personality is developing, they are learning new skills and starting to show independence. They're learning something new every day! It can be overwhelming as you try to adjust to a child who seems to be a different person today from the one they were just the day before. In this section, learn more about these topics for toddlers:

  • Eating & nutrition: Ensure your child gets a healthy and well-balanced diet

  • Growth & development: Help your child meet their full potential as their body grows and changes and they begin to learn new things.

  • Medical care: Make sure you know how to keep your child healthy and safe.

For information on child care, go to the child care page in the infant to 18 month section.

Toddler development

Spend time together; have fun! Learn more about how a toddler develops from 18 months to 3 years with this resource. These are guidelines for what most children learn during this period. Each child is an individual. Some will get there sooner; others, later.

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