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Growth & development

Helping your toddler grow in a healthy and positive way is one of the most important jobs a parent will do. As you have learned by now, each child grows and develops in their own way and as a parent it is up to you to provide the environment and support to help your child.

Some ways to encourage healthy growth and development in your child include:

  • Bedtime & sleep – Creating a regular routine around bedtime and sleep to ensure your child gets the right amount every night.

  • Dental care – Modeling good habits to encourage lifelong brushing and flossing.

  • Growth – Helping your child reach their full potential with healthy habits.

  • Mental health – Contributing towards your toddler's social and emotional development. 

  • Play – Learning more about the impact play has on their development.

  • Positive parenting – Providing a positive and nurturing home environment.

  • Routines – Establishing a solid routine to provide peace of mind.

  • Safety – Making sure your child explores the world around them safely.

  • Speech, language & hearing – Helping your child learn how to talk and communicate well as well as monitoring and protecting their hearing is vital to developing speech and language skills.

  • Toileting – Teaching your child how to use the toilet.

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