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Home & community care

Home and community care services provide a range of health care and support services to people who have acute, chronic, palliative or rehabilitative health care needs. You may need these services if you:

  • Are released from hospital and need short-term care.

  • Have an ongoing or chronic health issue requiring more care than you or you family can provide.

  • Have a health issue that is getting worse and you need support to continue to live at home.

  • Have a health issue that is making it impossible for you to continue to live at home safely.

Care options

We offer services for different scenarios, including long-term care, assisted living, care for adults with developmental disabilities and convalescent care.


If you or a family member want home and community care services, you must meet the citizenship and residency requirements.

Access services

You can access home and community care services for yourself or a family member by calling the access line for your area.

Cost for services

Some home and community care services are provided free of charge and others include a fee that is based on your income.

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