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Home & community care

Home and community care services provide a range of health care and support services to people who have acute, chronic, palliative or rehabilitative health care needs. You may need these services if you:

  • Are released from hospital and need short-term care.

  • Have an ongoing or chronic health issue requiring more care than you or you family can provide.

  • Have a health issue that is getting worse and you need support to continue to live at home.

  • Have a health issue that is making it impossible for you to continue to live at home safely.

How to access home and community care services

This section explains:

All home and community care services at-a-glance

We offer a wide range of home and community care services. All of the services below are accessed by calling our Home & Community Care Access Lines.

Acquired brain injury 

We offer services for people who have suffered brain injury due to trauma, stroke, brain tumour, aneurysm or other issues. Search acquired brain injury services in our directory.

Adult day programs

These are supportive community group programs for adults with disabilities and seniors to help them remain at home and provide relief to their caregivers. They offer a range of health, personal, social and recreational activities in a safe, caring environment. This includes help with health monitoring and giving medications, bathing, health education, and exercise groups. Search our directory for adult day programs.

Ambulatory home care nursing clinics

If you are able to leave your home, the clinics provide a broad range of services for people who need nursing treatment and education in self-care management. For example, helping you manage wound care, medications or a chronic disease. Search our directory for home care nursing clinics.

Assisted living

Is a housing and care option for seniors or people with physical disabilities who can benefit from more social interaction and help with meals and personal care. Learn more about assisted living.

Caregiver support

This service gives caregivers a break from the emotional and physical demands of caring for a friend or relative. It is available at home or outside of the home through short-term stays for your loved one, called respite, in a care facility or hospice. Learn more about Caregiver support.

Case management

Case managers work with you, your family, and your doctor and other health professionals to help determine the services that will best meet your needs and situation. They will work with you to develop a care plan, arrange services for the appropriate length of time, and identify any costs for the services. They also review and make changes as your care needs change. 

Community nutrition

Provides you and your family with nutritional counseling for a wide variety of health conditions. Search our directory for community nutrition services.

Convalescent Care

Is short-term care that is available for people who have been in hospital and no longer require acute hospital care but need more time to recover. Learn more about convalescent care.

Health services for community living

This service helps adults with developmental disabilities access health services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, nutrition and dental hygiene. We provide referrals to health care providers and advocate for specialist care. We also provide caregivers and families with support and training. Search our directory for health services for community living.

Home care nursing

Nurses provide a range of services in your home or in a community clinic. Their main goal is to teach you and your caregivers how to manage your own health care so that you can live as independently as possible. Learn more about Home care nursing services.

Home health equipment & supplies

We can help you access equipment, such as walkers, bath seats, wheelchairs or lifts. Learn more about Home health equipment & supplies.

Home support

Provides support for you and your caregivers in your daily living activities including bathing, dressing, exercising, medication administration and more. Learn more about Home support services, which includes a flexible option to coordinate your own services.

Hospice palliative care

Hospice palliative care provides comfort and quality of life care for people and their families living with life limiting illness. Learn more about hospice palliative care.

Occupational & physical therapy

Physical therapists and occupational therapists provide assessment, consultation, short-term treatment and education to you and your family. These services, sometimes called rehabilitation therapy, are available in community clinics and in your home, depending on your situation. Therapists also share information about aids for personal care (e.g. bath seats, grab bars) and equipment (e.g. scooters, wheelchairs, crutches). They help you improve or maintain your physical and functional abilities and help you set up your home to make it safer and easier to get around. 

Long-term care

We provide 24-hour registered nursing, professional care and a secure environment for individuals who have complex health needs. Learn more about  long-term care.

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