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Home health equipment & supplies

Having the right medical equipment is important for your safety. You may be required to rent or buy equipment, such as walkers, bath seats, wheelchairs or lifts. If the appropriate equipment is not in place, it may affect the services that we are safely able to provide to you. Our home health staff can help you determine:

  • The equipment you need

  • How to access the equipment

  • How to use the equipment

Access home health equipment services

Call the Home and Community Care Access Line in your community.

If you are in the hospital and will be going home, talk to the hospital staff about your needs before you go home. 

Costs for home health equipment

For the most part, you will be expected to pay for your supplies, medications and equipment. There are a few exceptions where the equipment or supplies are free, such as: 

Wound care services

if you are receiving wound care services through our home health services, either at home or in a clinic, you will receive at least two weeks of supplies that are outlined in our wound care guidelines and protocols. All other supplies are your responsibility.

Intravenous (IV) medications

if you are receiving IV medications through our home health services, either at home or in a clinic, we will provide you with the medication and the supplies you need at no cost until you are finished with the medication. 

If no medications are involved, you will be given supplies needed to care for the IV access device, such as flushing, capping and dressing changes. Medications that are not approved for use in BC or are experimental will not be covered.

Medical supplies and equipment for palliative clients

Visit the hospice palliative care page for more information.

Options to help cover your equipment costs

Depending on your situation, some or all of your costs might be covered by another funding agency, such as: 

  • Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance

  • Veterans’ Affairs Canada

  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

  • WorkSafeBC

  • Ministry of Housing and Social Development

  • Insurance Corporation of BC

  • Extended health benefits plan

  • First Nations Inuit Health Branch

  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

There are also organizations that provide short-term and long-term loans, as well as financial assistance for eligible clients. Ask our home health staff for more information about the options available to you.

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