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COVID-19 updates for home support clients 

Updated March 16, 2020: Client Letter, COVID-19 Infographic, BCCDC COVID-19 Posters

For more information, please visit:

Looking for information about the transition of home support services? 

Visit our Home Support Services Transition page for information for clients, families and home support workers.

The goal of publicly-subsidized home support services is to help you remain independent and safe in your own home as long as possible. The services you receive are based on your personal care needs and situation. This service is one of the many Home and Community Care services available.

Home support services 

Home support services provide help with:

  • Daily living activities at home such as bathing, dressing and grooming.
  • Special exercises, medication administration and other care needs.
  • Support and relief for your primary caregiver.

Read our home support brochure for more information: Home Support Services Brochure - English

Are you eligible for home support services?

Visit the Eligibility page for home and community care services.

Flexible option to manage your own home support services

Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL)

If you are looking for more flexibility in managing your home support services, Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) is an option. It is a direct funding model of self-managed home support for people with high physical care needs. 

Instead of paying a home support agency to provide services, we provide you with money to hire your own home support workers. CSIL places greater responsibility on you but also gives you greater flexibility, choice and autonomy to manage your home support services.

Read our CSIL Handbook for more information.

When are you eligible for Choice in Supports for Independent Living?

You may be eligible to apply to the CSIL program if you:

  • Can safely manage and coordinate all aspects of your care, including the administrative responsibilities. If you need help, a legal representative or client support group can apply to be the employer on your behalf.
  • Have been assessed as requiring home support services as part of your care plan.
  • Have assessed needs that can be met within CSIL, within available resources.
  • Have been assessed as meeting the criteria for CSIL, which includes having significant physical disabilities, and request CSIL service.
  • Agree to pay the assessed client rate.

To find out more about the CSIL Program and/or your eligibility for CSIL, contact your Home Health Case Manager or contact your home and community care access line in your area.

Access and costs for home support

Visit the How to access services page and Costs page for home and community care services.

Home support services near you

To browse the home support services in your community, the following listings are in our Locations & services directory.
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