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Is long-term care right for me?

Vancouver Coastal Health believes the best quality of life is achieved by remaining in one's own home environment for as long as possible. To this end, your home health and community care case manager will complete an assessment and help you explore your care options. When you are no longer able to stay at home with assistance, your local home health and community care office is available to assist you with options. 


Access to long-term care is based on a person's assessed need and risk. It is for adults with complex health care needs requiring 24-hour professional care due to physical disability or mental or behavioural conditions, including brain injuries or dementia. Eligibility requirements include: 

  • 19 years of age or older

  • Lived in British Columbia for at least three months

  • Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status (You must be a landed immigrant or are on a Minister's permit approved by the Ministry of Health Services)

  • Unable to function independently because of chronic, health-related problems or have been diagnosed by a doctor with an end-stage illness


Publicly-subsidized long-term care costs a monthly fee based on 80% of your after-tax income, with set minimum and maximum rates.

As long-term care is considered your home, you may be required to pay additional fees for services or items you would pay for living on your own. For example, there may be additional fees for things like equipment or aids, optional activities, and hairdressing services. You will be told about all fees before you move in.


At all of our care homes, the primary language spoken is English but our staff members make every effort to honour and support each elder's unique cultural, ethnic and language backgrounds.

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