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Access home & community care services

You can access home and community care services for yourself or a family member by following the three steps below. First, check the eligibility page to make sure you meet all of the requirements.

Step 1: Contact us

  1. If you or a family member is in the hospital, speak with the hospital social worker or transitional service team member. 

  2. If you or a family member is at home, call the access line in your area for the service you need listed below: 

Home and community care access lines

  • North Shore (North Vancouver, West Vancouver): (604) 986-7111, fax: (604) 983-6839

  • Richmond: (604) 675-3644, fax: (604) 278-4713

  • Vancouver: (604) 263-7377, fax: (604) 267-3419

  • Bella Bella: (250) 957-2314

  • Bella Coola: (250) 799-5311

  • Powell River: (604) 485-3310

  • Sea to Sky (Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton): (604) 892-2293

  • Sunshine Coast (Gibsons, Sechelt): (604) 741-0726

Palliative Access Line (PAL)

  • North Shore: (604) 984-3743, fax: (604) 984-3798

  • Vancouver: (604) 263-7255, fax: (604) 872-7270

  • Sea to Sky: (604) 892-6051, fax (604) 892-6027

  • For other Vancouver Coastal Health communities, call one of the home and community care access lines above.

Step 2: Assessment

Our health care professionals will work with you, your family, your doctor and other health care professionals to assess: 

  • Your eligibility for home and community care services

  • What services best meet your needs and situation

  • How long you may need these services

  • The costs, if any, for these services

How am I involved in decision making about my care?

You have the right to consent (give permission) to the care we offer you. Make sure you understand everything before you make a decision. If you are unsure or do not understand something, please ask your health care provider questions.

Let your family and health care providers know if you have documented your wishes about the health care you want to receive - at the moment or in the future - in an advanced care plan such as a representation agreement (sometimes referred to as a living will). If possible, bring a copy of that document with you.

What do I need to bring to my assessment?

When you come for your home and community care assessment, bring the following items:

  • Your BC CareCard or BC Services Card

  • Medication prescriptions

  • War veteran and pension cheque stubs or regiment number

  • Your most recent income tax return or notice of assessment (some services charge a fee based on your income)

  • Name and telephone number of your doctor(s)

  • Name and address of a close relative or friend

It is important that our health care professionals fully understand your health care situation and needs. Please ask questions if you are not sure about the services available to you.

Step 3: Develop a care plan

If you are eligible for services, a health care professional will work with you to develop a care plan that meets your needs. The care plan will be updated as your care situation changes.

If services  have a waiting list, the health care professional will work with you to make sure the best services are in place to address your health needs while you wait.

Planning for the unexpected

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