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Send well wishes

Send well wishes by email to your friend or family member staying in one of our hospitals below. 

Send well wishes to a patient by email

Don't forget to include the patient’s full first and last name and his or her room number so that we can make sure your well wishes are delivered to the right person.

How are well wishes messages delivered?

Your message will be printed, sealed and delivered by one of our volunteers. Allow two business days for delivery.

We cannot send outgoing replies or confirm that a patient is admitted to one of our hospitals. All messages are received and handled confidentially.

Looking to send well wishes by mail?

The well wishes program is volunteer-run and only covers email messages. If you'd like to send your message by mail, you will need to send it yourself through regular postal service. Address your letter with the patient's name, room number/ward/location, name of hospital, and hospital's full address. View a list of our hospitals

If you do not have the patient's room number or location, you will need to call the hospital that the patient is in and ask for the room number and location details. If the patient is in the Intensive Care Unit, it may limit or not allow items from the outside to be brought in. If the patient is in the ICU, ask to be connected to that ward to ask if your letter would be allowed in before you send it. 

Well wishes only - no business communication

Any other type of communication or messages (e.g. conducting personal business, containing questionable content or business/vendor solicitations) will not be delivered.

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