Child Care

A licence is required for all facilities caring for three or more children

Child Care

A community care facilities licence is required for all programs and facilities providing care to three or more children who are not related to the operator by blood or marriage.

The different types of licensed child care programs include:

  • Group Child Care (under 36 months)
  • Group Child Care (30 months to school age)
  • Preschool (30 months to school age): Up to 4 hours of care per day to children who are at least 30 months old on entrance to the program and 36 months old by December 31 of the year of entrance.
  • Group Child Care (school age): Care before or after school or during periods of school closure to children who attend school, including kindergarten.
  • Multi-Age Child Care: Care to 8 children of various ages.
  • Family Child Care: Care for up to 7 children in the licensee’s personal home and where the licensee personally provides the care.
  • In-Home Multi-Age Care: Care for up to 8 children in the licensee’s personal home and where the licensee personally provides the care.
  • Occasional Child Care: No more than 40 hours in a month to children who are at least 18 months old.
  • Child-minding: a child care program under contract to the government that provides services to immigrants.

Find a licensed Child Care Facility 

Visit our Child care Inspection Reports website and search for Child Care and inspection reports.


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Standards of PracticeThe Director of Licensing has specified the following Standards of Practice that apply to licensed child care programs:

  • Safe Play Space
  • Family Child Care

Visit the Ministry of Health - Community Care Licensing Branch website to see these Standards of Practice.


Safety checklists

Child Care Outdoor Space & Equipment Safety Check (Template)
This resource is intended for child care licensees as a template for creating a child care outdoor space and equipment safety checklist.

Kindergarten Vaccines

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VCH Child Care GI Outbreak Policy - September 2012
This document is intended for use by healthcare professionals and licensed childcare group daycare operators. The document summarizes the recommendations of the Medical Health Officer for the prevention and control of viral gastroenteritis outbreaks and should be used as a resource to develop or augment existing childcare outbreak protocols.
Food Flair™ Early Learning Practitioners Resource
The Food Flair Early Learning Practitioners Resource contains information about nutrition, healthy eating and food-related topics, along with recipes and fun activities to do with children, and ideas and information sheets to share with families. Order it online for: $35.00 plus shipping charges.
Pandemic Response Planning Checklist
A checklist for child care facilities in the event of an influenza pandemic.