Recreational Water

Inspecting the water where we swim, play or boat

Recreational Water

Our pools, lakes and marine beaches - the water where we swim, play or boat - gives us both fun and cool relief from hot weather.  It is a terrific way to stay fit and healthy.  However, it is important to be safe around the water as it can be a source of disease or injury.

Our environmental health officers monitor recreational beaches weekly during the swimming season. They also inspect and approve public and commercial pools and hot tubs regularly throughout the year. For more information, visit BC Guidelines for Swimming Pools and Health Canada - Recreational Water

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Our Inspection Reports website has been upgraded to better serve our community. Visit the new VCH Inspection Reports website for all inspections including Vancouver, Richmond, North Shore, Sunshine Coast, and Sea to Sky. 

Water quality reports

The Canadian Recreational Water Quality Guidelines, 2012 recommend a level of ≤ 200 E. coli bacteria per 100 ml of water for primary contact recreational activities. This level is expressed as a geometric mean over the most recent 30 days. When this exceeds 200 E. coli bacteria per 100 ml or in the event of a known hazard or spill; an assessment will be made to determine the possible health risks and the most effective approach to protect the health of the recreational water users. The Medical Health Officer may require local government to post a warning sign indicating the water does not meet health standards for swimming or wading.

Find current beach water quality reports for Metro Vancouver and Coast Garibaldi areas.

Find current pool water quality reports.

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