Community Projects

The SMART Fund supports more than 80 agencies that help people stay healthy in their communities

Community Projects

Since our inception in 1997, we have provided more than $3.8 million in annual grants. We fund projects that promote health and wellness and encourage marginalized and vulnerable members of the community to play an active role in their own health. All projects are designed and delivered locally, and reflect community make-up and culture.  

The SMART Fund has five primary goals:

  • Support effective community-focused health promotion models.
  • Develop organizational capacity in community-based organizations.
  • Help funded agencies be relevant and accountable in their communities.
  • Share promising practices to improve health services, enhance quality of care and motivate positive health system change.
  • Ensure financial accountability.

SMART funding assists groups that have traditionally experienced barriers to health including seniors, children and youth, mental health clients, low-income families, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered people, Aboriginal communities, newcomers and refugees and people with disabilities.

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