Breastfeeding is the healthy first choice for you and your baby


Breastfeeding has been shown to prevent acute and chronic illnesses like lung and ear infections, diabetes and cancer. It strengthens the mother-baby bond and helps children reach their full learning potential.

What breastfeeding services do you offer?Our services support early breastfeeding from birth to six months and continuing breastfeeding for two years and beyond.

Services include:

  • Telephone and hotline support
  • Home visits
  • Drop-in support groups
  • Breastfeeding clinics

Who provides breastfeeding services?Our services are provided by public health nurses or lactation consultants.

When should I access breastfeeding services?

After the birth of your baby:

A public health nurse (PHN) will contact you within a day or two of leaving the hospital to talk to you about breastfeeding.

You should call the public health nurse if:

  • You are having pain or sore nipples during feeding
  • Your baby is too sleepy to feed or feeds less than 8 times in 24 hours
  • You are worried that your baby is not getting enough milk
  • Your baby has fewer than 4-6 wet diapers and/or less than 3 stools in 24 hours after 3 days of age
  • You experience stress with breastfeeding

When your baby is older:A public health nurse can be an ongoing source of support for you as your baby grows and changes.

You should call the public health nurse if:

  • You are having difficulty with breastfeeding
  • You are worried about your child’s growth
  • You have questions about breastfeeding or returning to work

Who’s eligible for breastfeeding services?Anyone who lives within the area served by Vancouver Coastal Health.Is there a cost for breastfeeding services?No, these services are offered free-of-charge.

How do I access these services?A public health nurse will contact you after your baby is born within a day or two after you have left the hospital.

You can also access our services by:

  • Contacting a public health nurse near you directly using the links below.
  • Asking your health care provider.

Locations Served
Breastfeeding ClinicsVancouver
Breastfeeding Services North & West Vancouver
On-Call Public Health NurseVancouver
Parent Infant Drop-In Program - Sea To Sky-Pemberton Health CentreSea to Sky
Parent-Infant Drop-Ins - North ShoreNorth & West Vancouver
Public Health Nurse Prenatal and Early YearsNorth & West Vancouver, Powell River, Richmond, Sea to Sky, Sunshine Coast, Vancouver
Public Health Nurse Telephone ResourceSea to Sky
Young Parent and Baby Drop-in - North ShoreNorth & West Vancouver