Library Services

Resources for the public, employees and physicians

Library Services

Our Library Services team is committed to delivering the best possible knowledge and information resources to the public, physicians and employees.

We support healthier communities, evidence-based practice and clinical decision-making through partnerships and collaboration.

Reliable health information for the public

Resources during your hospital stay

The CIBC Centre for Patients and Families helps people make informed choices before, during and after their hospital stay.

Visit the Centre for Patients and Families website for more information.

Online health information

We recommend the following online resources:

  • MedlinePlus - A service of the US National Library of Medicine
  • HealthLink BC - Provides British Columbians with health information and access to services.
  • Print Health Education Materials Catalogue - Provides a wide range of health education brochures created by VCH
  • Public libraries can also be a great source for health information and community services.  Visit your local library today!

Additional online resources are listed in the document below:

Resources for employees and physicians


We have research libraries at the following locations:

Online resources

There are also a number of electronic research databases and online journals available to employees and physicians.

Visit the Research Databases & Online Journals page.

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