Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute


Health research changes lives

The Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI) is one of top-funded health research organization in Canada. VCHRI is the research arm of Vancouver Coastal Health and a health partner of the University of British Columbia. The breadth and scope of research at VCH have long-lasting impacts on patient care and health care systems in British Columbia and around the world.

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A world-class research institute

The dynamic and diverse research community at VCHRI creates opportunities for new scientific knowledge and its translation into improved health outcomes.  Our activities range from laboratory-based research to gain understanding about the human body and health conditions, to clinical research focused on evaluating new ways to provide patient care.

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Opportunities available

At VCHRI, researchers get access to state-of-the-art facilities, support and services that include:

  • Education opportunities
  • Funding opportunities
  • Clinical trials administration
  • Clinical research unit
  • Media relations and communications support
  • Health and safety

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Unlocking the potential of new drugs, therapies, and medical devices, is only possible with the help of clinical trial volunteers like you. Your participation in clinical trials is critical to the development of more effective treatments for all patients.

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