Rural and Remote Recruitment Incentive

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A new financial incentive of up to $20,000 is now available to eligible employees for a 24-month return of service commitment to priority regular (permanent) vacancies. This incentive is time-limited and subject to approval.

Eligibility criteria

  • Eligible candidates are all Nurses (RNs, RPNs, and LPNs), Priority Allied Health professionals, Priority Facilities professionals and Priority Community professionals.
  • Eligible candidates recruited into eligible vacancies will be eligible for a $20,000 incentive payment (pro-rated based on the FTE of the eligible vacancy).
  • Eligible candidates who qualify for the recruitment incentive will receive the incentive payment upon commencing employment. They will sign a Return of Service Attestation form and commit to completing a 24-month return of service.
  • Eligible candidates are new employees, including those who previously worked in an urban/metro centre and relocated to a VCH rural and remote community or are new to BC’s public health sector.
  • Nurses employed by third-party staffing agencies are eligible for the incentive if they meet the eligibility criteria above.
  • To prevent destabilization, those who were employed by a First Nation service provider, the First Nations Health Authority, or a private/affiliate long-term care or assisted living employer in the community within the last 12 months prior to their date of hire are not eligible.
  • Individuals currently employed in a rural/remote community who are relocating to another rural/remote community are not eligible.
  • Individuals who qualify for the recruitment incentive will not be eligible to receive the Provincial Rural Retention Incentive until they complete their return to service.

Eligible communities

The Rural and Remote Recruitment Incentive applies to eligible individuals starting their careers in the following VCH communities:

  • Bella Bella
  • Bella Coola
  • Pemberton
  • Powell River/qathet
  • Sechelt, Gibsons
  • Squamish
  • Texada Island
  • Whistler

Eligible positions

  1. All Nurses (RNs, RPNs, LPNs) have been identified to be included in the incentive program
  2. The following occupations under the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association have been identified as priority occupations for the purpose of the incentive program:
    • Anesthesia Assistants
    • Cardiac Technologist
    • Clinical Counselor
    • Dietician
    • Environmental Health Officer
    • Medical Laboratory Technologist
    • Medical Radiation Technologies (Medical Radiation Technologists (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist, Radiation Therapist, Radiological Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, PET Technologist, CT Technologist)
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Physiotherapist
    • Psychologist
    • Radiation Therapy Service Technologist
    • Radiology Service Technologist
    • Respiratory Therapist
    • Social Worker
    • Sonographer
    • Speech Language Pathologist
  3. The following occupation under the Facilities Bargaining Association has been identified as a priority occupation for the purpose of the incentive program:
    • Rehab Assistants
  4.  The following occupations under the Community Bargaining Association have been identified as a priority occupation for the purpose of the incentive program:
    • Community Health Workers
    • Rehabilitation Assistants
    • Detox Worker 1
    • Detox Worker 2
    • Residence Coordinator
    • Support Worker 1
    • Support Worker 2
    • Program Coordinator

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