Home Health Nursing Services

Home nurse talking with senior woman

Community nursing services, home care nursing services or ambulatory nursing services provide eligible people with direct access to health assessment and treatment by nurses, nutritionists and rehabilitation therapists.

What to expect

Community nursing services may be provided in various settings such as clinics, the client’s home, assisted living residences, family care homes, group homes, or other community settings.

All home care nurses are experienced in palliative care and can support you and your family during end-of-life. Through compassionate care, nurses focus on managing symptoms and enhancing comfort. Their main goal is to teach you and your caregivers how to manage your health care so that you can live as independently as possible. Generally, home care nursing services will be provided on a short-term basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is home health nursing right for me?

    Services are available on a non-emergency basis for individuals in the following circumstances:

    • following discharge from an acute care hospital;
    • at home or in a clinic setting to prevent or reduce the need for hospital or emergency department services or admission to a long-term care home; or
    • because of a life-limiting illness
  • Is there a cost for home health nursing services?

    There is no cost for home care nursing services, but there may be a cost for items such as equipment except for the first two weeks of time-limited acute services and/or when a client receives end-of-life care.


    • Home Health Brochure [English]


Generally, home care nursing is provided if you:

  • are released from hospital and need short-term care;
  • have an ongoing, or chronic, health issue that requires more care than you or you family can provide;
  • have a health issue that is getting worse and you need support to continue to live at home.

Review the eligibility criteria and how to arrange home and community care services.