Central Addiction Intake Team (CAIT)

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Central Addiction Intake Team (CAIT) is a program that supports clients with their recovery goals. CAIT coordinates the referrals to VCH Vancouver Substance Use Support Recovery and Treatment beds programs. CAIT allied health staff ensure that clients are matched to the recovery bed-based program that aligns with their goals and needs.

Referrals and intake

Clinicians or counsellors who work with clients submit the referral directly to the Central Addiction Intake Team (CAIT). Once CAIT staff receive the referral and the admission committee has reviewed it, they will connect with clients and their clinicians to exchange information and discuss a plan. 

Once clients are placed on a waitlist for one of the programs, they can call the CAIT team 1-2 times per week to check-in. While clients wait for a Support-Recovery of Treatment Bed, they are encouraged to participate in outpatient programs and continue working with their clinicians.

Download the CAIT referral package for Emerge, New Dawn, Together We Can & Pacifica.

CAIT referral package


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