Post-COVID-19 Recovery Clinic

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The post-COVID-19 recovery clinic provides specialized care and follow-up for people diagnosed with COVID-19 and now in recovery.


The clinic provides access to care, services, and education for people who have had COVID-19. We provide care through a novel mix of on-site and telehealth-enabled clinics that allow for multidisciplinary engagement with patients, their GPs, our allied health team, and our network of subspecialists.

Clinical Resource

Additional Covid-19 Clinical Resource for Physicians and Nurse Practitioners (NP’s) Only

If help is needed prior, physicians and NPs are asked to call the provincial Rapid Access to Specialist Consultation (RACE) line.

The RACE line is staffed Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by internal medicine physicians who are available to answer urgent clinical questions from physicians and NPs for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and who are now in recovery.


  • Vancouver General Hospital (VGH)

    899 West 12th Avenue Vancouver