The Elders in Residence Program embeds Elders and Knowledge Keepers from different First Nations in acute and community health care sites.

예상되는 일

The Elders and Knowledge Keepers offer culturally specific medicines and healing methods to Indigenous patients and families and provide culturally-specific consultation to involved health care staff and physicians. Elders' life experience, historical perspective, spiritual knowledge, and cultural connections make them a valuable resource. 

Speak with a Vancouver Coastal Health staff member to help you access Indigenous Elders or Traditional Practitioners. 


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  • 지역 건강 센터

    Downtown Community Health Centre

    569 Powell Street Vancouver
  • 장기요양원

    George Pearson Centre

    700 West 57th Avenue Vancouver
  • 지역 건강 센터

    Heatley Community Health Centre

    330 Heatley Avenue Vancouver
  • 지역 건강 센터

    Pender Community Health Centre

    59 West Pender Street Vancouver
  • 지역 건강 센터


    533 East Hastings Street Vancouver