A personal service establishment (PSE) is an establishment in which a person provides a service to or on the body of another person, such as tattooing, piercing, tanning beds, and esthetic services

Environmental health officers (EHOs) conduct inspections at personal service establishments under the Regulated Activities Regulation and work with facility operators to guide approval processes, prevent health hazards, and reduce the risk of transmitting communicable diseases.

Opening a PSE

Operators are responsible for ensuring they comply with legislation, health authority policies, municipal by-laws and for obtaining all licences and/or approvals required to operate.

Submit a non-permitted application form and additional supporting documentation to your local environmental health officer.

Environmental Health reviews plans for and inspects personal service establishments.

The goal is to ensure best infection control and prevention practices are followed and that the risk of transmission of bloodborne and other types of infection is minimized for both the clients and the personal service workers. Another goal is to ensure client safety when services are offered, such as posting warning signs for tanning and laser treatments.

When do inspections occur?

Inspections are conducted before the business operates and when complaints are received. Inspections are also done regularly. An inspection report is provided to the operator to confirm compliance with regulations or to advise changes required.

Want to report a complaint?

Please use our feedback form to share your concerns about a facility and would like to make a report.

Health protection feedback form

Guidelines for Personal Service Establishments

Guidelines for Personal Service Establishments, Personal Services, offered at Tradeshows, Body Modification, Floatation Tanks etc., are listed on the Ministry of Health website.

Guidelines and Resources