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Building amenities

A hairdresser is on site once a week. We also have regular visits from a Podiatrist, Dentist and Optometrist.

Language, culture, religious affiliations

The resident population is multicultural and languages spoken by residents are predominantly English and Cantonese.

Accreditation status

Accreditation is an external peer review process to assess and improve the services health care organizations provide to their residents, based on standards of excellence set by Accreditation Canada or by CARF.

Philosophy of care

Our care delivery is founded on a resident and family centered care model. Our residents and their families are integral to the care decision process.

Type of accommodation

113 long-term private rooms with shared washrooms.


Residents pay 80% of their after tax income which covers the cost of food and accommodation. Minimum and maximum rates apply. There may be other costs not included in the resident contribution. Visit our Costs page for more information.

Special recreation opportunities

Programs vary from the Strength Training Program under the direction of the Physiotherapist, Music Program with the Music Therapist and Recreational Programs carried out by a team of activity workers. Programs include trips, special events, special lunches, weekly Chinese lunch, music therapy, entertainment and one-to-one therapeutic activities. 


The lodge can accommodate wheelchairs, small scooters and portable oxygen.

Motorized scooter policy

Motorized scooters are allowed.

Pet policy

Visitors are encouraged to bring family pets that are clean and healthy to visit. When the pets are outside the resident’s room, please keep them in a cage or on a leash and under control as many residents are frail and could be accidentally injured by the pet. Pets are not allowed in the dining areas.

Smoking policy

We are a non-smoking facility. Smoking is restricted to outdoor areas according to the Vancouver by-laws. Staff members are not able to assist residents to outside areas or assist with lighting cigarettes.

Safety & security features

The building has perimeter security and is equipped with smoke detectors, sprinkler and fire alarm system. 

Neighbourhood & community amenities

Buses are available at the corner of Cambie and 57th Avenue. Langara Golf Course and Parks are within walking distance. The corner store, restaurant, florist, and bank are across the street. Hairdressing is available at the lodge. Handi-dart can be arranged by the lodge.

Facility-specific restrictions

Alcohol is permitted in individual cases and must be approved by the attending doctor. If approved by individual’s doctor the use of alcohol is permitted in moderation. However, for safety reasons, alcohol cannot be kept in resident rooms. Alcohol that is brought in will be kept in a locked cupboard at the care station. For safety reasons, residents are not allowed to supply alcohol to other residents.

Information last updated August 2016

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