School Health Programs

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School health programs provide immunization and health information to school-aged children, staff and parents.

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Public health nursing services can provide outreach consultation and support to children, parents and staff within the school. For more information, visit our school health page.

Supporting healthy eating at schools

Providing children with positive food experiences has been shown to promote physical and mental health. Schools play a crucial role in shaping children’s eating attitudes and behaviours and help lay the foundation for a healthy relationship with food. 

Learn more about how to support healthy eating at schools

Travelling to school

More physically active children are happier, have better academic achievement, have fewer depression and anxiety-related symptoms, sleep better, and have better overall health.

Learn more about active travel for kids

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  • Общинные медицинские центры

    Central Community Health Centre

    132 West Esplanade North Vancouver
  • Общинные медицинские центры

    Evergreen Community Health Centre

    3425 Crowley Drive Vancouver
  • Общинные медицинские центры

    Pacific Spirit Community Health Centre

    2110 West 43rd Avenue Vancouver
  • Общинные медицинские центры

    Pemberton Health Centre

    1403 Portage Road, PO Box 8 Pemberton
  • Другое

    Richmond Place – 8100 Granville Avenue

    8100 Granville Avenue Richmond
  • Общинные медицинские центры

    Robert & Lily Lee Family Community Health Centre

    1669 East Broadway Vancouver
  • Общинные медицинские центры

    South Community Health Centre

    6405 Knight Street Vancouver
  • Общинные медицинские центры

    Squamish Community Health Centre

    1140 Hunter Place Squamish
  • Общинные медицинские центры

    Three Bridges Community Health Centre (West End)

    1128 Hornby Street Vancouver
  • Общинные медицинские центры

    West Vancouver Community Health Centre

    2121 Marine Drive West Vancouver
  • Общинные медицинские центры

    Whistler Health Care Centre

    4380 Lorimer Road Whistler