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Substance use & harm reduction resources for health professionals & service providers

Substance use and harm reduction training, education and other resources for health professionals, service providers and overdose prevention sites.

For health professionals

For community service providers

    • Overdose prevention strategies available in VCH

      Links to key strategies to prevent and response to toxic drug poisonings.

    • The safer bathroom toolkit

      University of Victoria: A toolkit to help make bathrooms safer for people who use substances.

    • Episodic overdose prevention services

      One-pager on the policy that supports clients to use substances more safely in health and community service settings.

    • Overdose response box for health and social service sites

      What to put in an overdose response box

    • Toxic drugs: ideas to stay alive

      Printable poster with harm reduction ideas.

    • Online street degree

      Interactive online training for peers and other staff

    • Overdoseresponse@vch.ca

      Request support from the Overdose Emergency Response Team.

    • VCH low-barrier contingency management - how-to guide

      Resource guide for agencies wanting to support people who use stimulants with low-barrier service.

For overdose prevention services (OPS)

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