Addiction Recovery Program (ARP)

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The Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) provides transitional (not permanent) housing to Vancouver residents who are participating in this abstinence-based supportive program.

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For 24 months, ARP coordinators help you set goals, build skills and feel supported while you stay in safe, affordable housing.

The Addiction Recovery Program is a partnership between BC Housing, Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health.

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Recovery services

If you qualify, you could live in your apartment for 18 months. During that time, program coordinators will assist you with program support and recovery support with the following: 

  • Use the Housing Registry to compare places that meet your needs and income level.
  • Assist with all documentation required to complete the Addiction Recovery Program application.
  • Get placed as a short-term program participant in a building managed by BC Housing.
  • Review the Addiction Recovery Program Agreement.
  • Suggest where to get furniture and household items.
  • Introduce you to the building manager.
  • Answer your questions about being a program participant.
  • Answer your questions about building rules and regulations.
  • Make the transition to long-term recovery and possible tenancy.
  • Create and maintain a personal recovery plan.
  • Offer regular meetings to support your ongoing abstinence from drugs and alcohol.
  • Build job skills, including education training, volunteer work and employment counselling.
  • Refer you to any physical and mental health resources or a case manager as needed.

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