Temporary Events & Markets Permits

Food truck employee handing food to customer

Temporary food premises and similar facilities at special events and food markets require approval under Provincial legislation.

Food preparation for public consumption must be done in a manner that prevents a health hazard from occurring. Following proper food handling procedures will help reduce the risks. Health reviews by Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) are necessary to minimize public health risks for events and markets.

What to expect

Temporary events and Temporary Food Markets have different definitions, and activities are permitted for each.

Temporary events

Temporary events are time-limited public gatherings such as fairs, festivals, seasonal holiday events, tradeshows, and fundraising events. These events have activities regulated by the health authority under the Public Health Act, including:

  • food vending
  • personal services
  • associated water and wastewater systems 

An event coordinator is often required. Home-prepared foods are not allowed.

Temporary food markets

Temporary Food Markets are farmers' markets whose vendors grow, make, bake, raise, or wild harvest the products they sell from temporary venues. The sale of whole fruits or vegetables or prepackaged non-potentially hazardous foods is allowed. Foods prepared at home are limited to lower-risk foods as defined in the Provincial Guidelines for Sale of Foods at Temporary Food Markets. 

A market manager is required at markets and must have a comprehensive understanding of the provincial guideline.

Apply for a permit

Coordinators of temporary events and tradeshows are responsible for the services provided at these events. Submit the Coordinator's application and the Temporary Food Service applications collected from your vendors at least 14 days before the event. If an event does not have a coordinator, the vendor must submit their Temporary food Service application.

Not sure what you need to fill out? Try the Temporary Event & Food Market Approval Interactive Tool, to find out what forms and approvals are needed.



    • Event and markets planning guide

    • Event coordinator application form

    • Event vendor list template

    • Market manager application form

    • Farmers market vendor list template

    • Temporary food service application (operating 14 days or less)

      Complete this form if you are making/selling food for 14 days or less for an event.

    • Temporary food service application (operating more than 14 days)

      Complete this form if you are making/selling food more than 14 days for an event.

    • Personal services at event application

    • Legionnaires' disease guide

      For trade shows & temporary events

    • higher risk food at temporary food markets

      Application for sale of higher-risk food at temporary food markets: NOTE: Vendors should refer to the guideline below when completing this application

    • Guideline for the sale of foods

      at temporary food markets