Tobacco & Vapour Products Enforcement Program


The regional Tobacco & Vapour Control Program uses a combination of education, monitoring activities and progressive enforcement are used to obtain compliance with various Provincial regulations and acts.


In Vancouver Coastal Health, the Regional Tobacco & Vapour Control Program ensures tobacco and vapour product retailer compliance with:


    • Retailer resource and information pamphlet

      Information and helpful tips to ensure you and your staff are trained and comply with the ESR, TVPCA & TVPCR.

Routine inspections

Routine inspections form the foundation of the Tobacco & Vapour Enforcement Program. These inspections represent an opportunity to educate the retailer & assess compliance with product, display, advertisement and signage requirements. Routine inspections are conducted when businesses first start selling tobacco or vapour products, when there is a change in ownership, and then semi-annually to confirm ownership, provide information, signage and to check compliance. All aspects of the program are discussed during the routine inspection.

Compliance checks

Compliance checks are done to gauge a retailer's compliance with the regulations respecting the sale of tobacco & vapour products to those of legal age. A team of Minor Test Shoppers (MTS) are recruited and trained to assist the Tobacco & Vapour Enforcement Officer (TVEO) when conducting compliance check. 

Progressive enforcement

TVEOs utilize discretion when applying increasing levels of enforcement to ensure regulated parties comply with regulatory requirements. Progressive enforcement includes education, warnings, and if these early steps are unsuccessful in gaining compliance, proceeds finally to various penalties.  These penalties can include the issuance of provincial violation tickets, correction orders, pursuing long-form prosecution, and the use of administrative hearings to seek out administrative penalties.


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