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  • Community Care Facilities Licensing

  • Safe & Healthy Environments

Types of licensed child care programs

  • Group Child Care (under 36 months)
  • Group Child Care (30 months to school age)
  • Preschool (30 months to school age): Up to 4 hours of care per day for children at least 30 months old on the entrance to the program and 36 months old by December 31 of the year of entrance.
  • Group Child Care (school age): Care before or after school or during school closure periods to children who attend school, including kindergarten.
  • Multi-Age Child Care: Care to 8 children of various ages.
  • Family Child Care: Care for up to 7 children in the licensee’s personal home and where the licensee personally provides the care.
  • In-Home Multi-Age Care: Care for up to 8 children in the licensee’s personal home and where the licensee personally provides the care.
  • Occasional Child Care: No more than 40 hours in a month to children who are at least 18 months old.
  • Child-minding: a child care program under contract to the government that provides services to immigrants.

Child care resources

    • Child Care in BC

      Government of BC

    • Child Care Outdoor Space & Equipment Safety Check

      Intended for child care licensees as a template for creating a child care outdoor space and equipment safety checklist.

    • Design resource for child care facilities

    • Child care physical plant application guide

    • Guideline for control of bed bugs

      in childcare facilities

    • Child registration form

    • Child emergency consent form

    • Bed bug(s) found in a daycare notification


    • Bed bugs(s) and bed bug(s) bites found on child

      Letter to parents

    • VCH Child Care GI Outbreak Policy

      September 2012

    • Child Care GI Outbreak Surveillance Form

    • Enteric outbreak summary form

      For public health facilities

    • Enteric outbreak summary form

      For licensed child care facilities

    • Enteric outbreak summary form

      For health-care facilities

    • Pandemic response planning checklist

    • Immunization information form

    • Kindergarten immunization poster

    • Imms. guidelines for employees in child care

    • Child care facilities safe & healthy food

    • Prepare to care - child care

      Tools to help you create a comprehensive emergency plan.

    • Child Care Emergency Response Plan Template

      Template to draft or supplement your child care emergency plan.


Child care licensing FAQs

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