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Providing access to methadone treatment programs for adults with opiate addiction living in Vancouver. Offers clinical assessment, counselling, specialized treatment planning, aftercare, and follow-up. Various interventions to address medical, psychological, social, and emotional concerns are used.

How to access

  • Eligibility

    Aged 19 and over

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  • 星期一:   9:00 上午 to 6:00 下午
  • 星期二:   9:00 上午 to 6:00 下午
  • 星期三:   9:00 上午 to 6:00 下午
  • 星期四:   9:00 上午 to 6:00 下午
  • 星期五:   9:00 上午 to 6:00 下午
  • 星期六:   9:00 上午 to 6:00 下午
  • 星期日:   9:00 上午 to 6:00 下午

Women's Night Drop in is every Tuesday, 5 to 8 p.m.

How to get here

The health centre is accessible by public transit. Street parking is available.

Addiction services

​We provide adults living in Vancouver access to addiction counselling. We assess client needs and recommend appropriate treatment regarding substance misuse. We work with the addictions team to monitor client needs and progress and help develop an appropriate individualized care plan. 

The concurrent disorders counsellors provide consultation and work collaboratively with other counsellors, health care professionals and the client and client's family in the identification and resolution of client/family care issues, cultural and language barriers, ethical dilemmas and coordination and integration of care, and makes referrals to other service providers as appropriate. Supports clients enrolled in a methadone maintenance program. 


Downtown Community Health Centre

We provide clinic services, referral services, support groups, therapy and ambulatory nutrition care, and a full range of addiction and mental health services, which are free for those living in the Downtown Eastside and Strathcona areas. Methadone and Suboxone are both available as opiate replacement therapies. Our team includes a podiatrist, respiratory therapist, and dietitian.

Addiction Medicine

Addiction medicine includes clinical assessments, consultations, treatment planning and aftercare for people struggling with substances such as alcohol and opioids.