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Medical mask policy in effect during respiratory illness season

Masks are currently required in all patient care areas of hospitals, long-term care facilities and community health-care sites and clinics. Please do not enter these facilities if you have cold or flu-like symptoms, such as runny nose, sore throat, fever, cough, shortness of breath/trouble breathing, diarrhea or vomiting. Do not enter these facilities if you feel unwell, no matter how mild the symptoms. 

Visitors to long-term care and seniors’ assisting living facilities need to wear a medical mask in common areas and when participating in indoor events in common areas. 

Thank you for helping keep patients and staff healthy this season.

Adult withdrawal management services, also known as detox, provide nursing care and physician support for a safe, supportive environment for people experiencing acute withdrawal from substances.

How to access

  • Eligibility

     Individuals who are physically and psychologically stable enough to undergo withdrawal at home. Additionally, clients are eligible for this program if they:

    • Are 19 years of age or older,
    • reside in Vancouver,
    • have a substance-free, safe, stable environment in which they can detox.

    Individuals also have a 24-hour support person to stay with them throughout their withdrawal process.

  • Referral

    ​Access accepts self-referrals: Phone number: 1 (866) 658-1221
    Physicians and non-VCH clinicians can also make a referral.


  • 星期一:   8:30 上午 to 4:30 下午
  • 星期二:   8:30 上午 to 4:30 下午
  • 星期三:   8:30 上午 to 4:30 下午
  • 星期四:   8:30 上午 to 4:30 下午
  • 星期五:   8:30 上午 to 4:30 下午
  • 星期六:   8:30 上午 to 4:30 下午
  • 星期日:   8:30 上午 to 4:30 下午

After-hours voicemail calls are answered the following morning


They provide rapid access to outpatient detox for those who need help stopping or stabilizing their substance use or are reluctant or unable to access residential withdrawal management facilities. Treatment includes:

  • assessment,
  • withdrawal management,
  • individual treatment plans,
  • referral to counselling,
  • and other psychosocial interventions. 

START provides rapid stabilization onto Buprenorphine/Naloxone for people dependent on opioids, as well as manages low-risk withdrawal, including alcohol withdrawal in a person's home. 

Vancouver Coastal Health Detox Centre

Vancouver Detoxification Centre (VDC) is a place that supports clients who need medical help to come off substances.

Substance-Use Treatment And Response Team (START)

START provides first-line treatment options to individuals requiring help to withdraw from, or stabilize, their substance use and who can do so safely, with support, in the community. START offers a safe withdrawal from alcohol and other substances and initiation and titration of opioid agonist treatments.