Supervised Consumption & Overdose Prevention Sites

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Supervised consumption and overdose prevention sites are safe spaces where teams of trained staff monitor people who use illicit drugs while they use to help prevent and recover from overdoses.

Supervised Consumption Sites (SCS) legally operate through federal exemptions under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Insite, Dr. Peter Centre and Hope to Health operate SCS in the VCH region.

Overdose Prevention Sites (OPS) operate legally through a Provincial Ministerial Order related to the public health overdose emergency. Within the VCH region, there are 12 OPS serving different communities.

Both SCSs and OPSs are beneficial for people who use drugs and the community because they:

  • Help save lives by responding to overdoses quickly.
  • Help prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.
  • Connect people to health services, including primary care, mental health and substance use treatment.
  • Bring stability to the community by improving public order and reducing consumption taking place on the street.

What’s available at SCS and OPSs

  • Free harm reduction supplies
  • Witnessed drug consumption by health-care providers and/or peers
  • Timely overdose response from trained providers
  • Drug checking services


    • Sites in Vancouver map

      Overdose prevention sites and supervised consumption sites

    • Sites outside of Vancouver city map

      Overdose prevention sites and supervised consumption sites

    • Overdose Prevention Site (OPS) manual

      Manual for service providers interested in developing overdose prevention and response policies and protocols (to develop an OPS).

    • Overdose response, naloxone & training

      Information and resources on how to prevent and respond to overdoses.

    • Substance use and harm reduction resources for health professionals and service providers

      Substance use and harm reduction training, education and other resources for health professionals, service providers and overdose prevention sites.

Other sites

For other OPS/SCS services across BC please click here or visit the Toward the Heart Site Finder to search an area for an OPS/SCS and harm reduction services and supplies.


  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心

    Powell River Community Resource Centre (CRC)

    4752 Joyce Avenue Powell River
  • Get Your Drugs Tested

    880 East Hastings Street Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心

    Hope to Health

    611 Powell street Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心


    139 East Hastings Street Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心

    Molson Overdose Prevention Site (MOPS)

    166 East Hastings Street (Alley) Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心

    Overdose Prevention Society (OPS)

    141 East Hastings Street Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心

    Overdose Prevention Society Inhalation Tent

    141 East Hastings Street Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心

    Powell Street Getaway

    450 E Hastings St Vancouver
  • 社區健康中心

    Robert & Lily Lee Family Community Health Centre

    1669 East Broadway Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心

    Sechelt Overdose Prevention Site

    5653 Wharf Avenue (Parking lot) Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心


    135 Dunlevy Avenue Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心

    SisterSquare Inhalation Tent

    Jackson and Powell Street Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心

    Squamish Overdose Prevention Site

    37930 Third Ave Squamish
  • St. Paul's Hospital

    1081 Burrard Street Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心

    Thomus Donaghy Overdose Prevention Site

    1101 Seymour Street Vancouver
  • 減少傷害支援服務與中心

    Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU)

    380 East Hastings Vancouver