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<div class="ExternalClass1C9718448C6E4C039BA689C841330C47"><p>Sisters Together Active in Recovery (STAR) is an outpatient treatment program. We offer a variety of treatment options, free of charge, for women having problems related to the use of drugs or alcohol. We are a bisexual, gay, and transgender inclusive service and support all women.</p><p>The STAR treatment program includes: group programming for women in early and later stages of recovery, support drop-in groups, art therapy groups, acupuncture (co-ed), SMART recovery group (co-ed), short-term individual counselling, access to addictions medicine, access to mental health support ,  access to rehabilitation (occupational therapy, recreation therapy, peer support, employment counselling), and harm reduction supplies, including naloxone dispensing and training.</p></div>1200 West 73rd Avenue 266-7134<div class="ExternalClassE3CB7B904E204F82B34BDD6386315DF4"><div><p>Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.</p></div></div>(604) 266-6124V6P 6G5BC<div class="ExternalClass3F05A6C556AA49D4972E3923A80E6970"><div><p>There is ample street parking. Located 1 block from the Marpole loop. Bus tickets are available to individuals who require them for transportation to the site. The site is wheelchair accessible through the Airport Square tower.</p></div></div>49.2040335,-123.13368009999999<div class="ExternalClass7884D880CD1B4FC68ABB357D83F70EA0"><div><p>​Referral can be initiated by the person affected, family/support, or health care professional by phoning (604) 266-6124. Open to individuals living in Vancouver, Richmond, or the North Shore.</p></div></div><div class="ExternalClass0087812836E4437BA29D107E6D0E8DFF"><div><p>All women are supported This is a bisexual, gay, and transgender inclusive service.</p></div></div>Located in the west wing of the Airport Square TowerSouth Mental Health and Addiction Services

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