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Churchill House assisted living details


Chartwell Seniors Housing,

Building amenities

Amenity spaces within the building include: a theatre, multipurpose room, library with internet access, hair salon, therapeutic bathing area, internet/business lounge, dining room, lounge areas and outdoor spaces.

Language, culture, religious affiliations

English is the primary language but staff are multi-cultural and speak a variety of languages.

Accreditation status

Not accredited but is part of an industry self-regulation program (BCSLA Seal of Approval). 

Accreditation is not a requirement of assisted living but some residences have received accreditation status. It is an external peer review process to assess and improve the services health care organizations provide to their residents, based on standards of excellence set by Accreditation Canada

Philosophy of care

Assisted living provides accommodation, hospitality and personal care services in a manner that:

  • Promotes and maximizes choice, dignity, and control for Residents;
  • Promotes the Residents’ right to privacy as well as opportunities for social interaction;
  • Supports Residents’ independence through physical design features in the building and the delivery of support services;
  • Provides care and services that are shaped to meet the Residents’ needs; and
  • Creates a home-like environment that supports the Residents’ preferred lifestyle

Type of accommodation

There are 32 subsidized assisted living units. The building also has an additional 66 market rental units. The 37 subsidized units include: 31 studio units (418 sq feet average) and 1 one-bedroom units (562 sq. feet average).


All suites are equipped with fridge and a microwave. Tenants provide their own suite furnishings. Comfortable furnishings are provided in the amenity areas throughout the building such as the dining room, lounges, theatre etc.


Individual tenants pay 70% of after tax income subject to a minimum and maximum amount. The resident contribution includes: monthly rental accommodation, hospitality services (meals, housekeeping, etc) and personal care. 

Examples of items that are not included as part of the 70% include: telephone, cable, household and toiletry supplies, all medications, personal care supplies and insurance.

Visit our Costs page for more information.

Food service

Lunch and dinner are included in the base rent. There is a choice of 2 entrees offered at both lunch and dinner. Special diets are available upon consideration and can be accommodated. The meal plan is reviewed by a registered dietitian.

Housekeeping & laundry

Included in the monthly rent is weekly laundering of linens and towels, as well as weekly housekeeping of tenant’s suites. Laundry machines are provided on each floor for residents to do their personal articles. Personal laundry services are also available upon request at a nominal fee.

Special recreation opportunities

There is an on-site staff member responsible for planning leisure and recreational activities for the residents. Residents have the choice of participating and are able to offer program suggestions and initiate activities themselves.

Emergency response (24) capacity

Churchill House has an on-site emergency response system. Each resident will be provided with an emergency response pendent that will notify 24 hour care staff when pressed.


Tenants must be able to move around their suite on their own, and make their own way to the dining room, with or without mobility aides.

Motorized scooter policy

Scooters are for outside use only. Scooters must be stored in the scooter room when not in use, and there is a monthly parking charge.

Pet policy

Pets may be permitted and residents owning pets are required to sign a “pet” agreement with the operator to ensure that the pet is properly cared for and managed if the pet is agreed to be appropriate.

Smoking policy

Smoking is not permitted on the property.

Safety & security features

Suites and building are equipped with sprinklers, smoke detectors and heat sensors. The main door is secured at all hours. Visitors must ring a tenant's suite to gain access during the day.


Visiting hours are flexible. Visitors and guests will be required to dial the concierge after hours in order to be admitted to the building.

Parking (tenant & visitor)

There are parking stalls for tenants and visitor parking is available.

Neighbourhood & community amenities

Churchill House is located half a block from Lonsdale Avenue and 1 minute north of Highway 99 (Upper Levels Highway). Within walking distance is a grocery store, small amenity shops and a bus stop. It should be noted that there is a slight slope between the building and 29th Street.

Exit criteria

Churchill House is unable to house residents whose care needs become dependent beyond the service provision offered or if the residents are unable to make decisions on their own behalf. Residents requiring 24-hour professional care and monitoring cannot be safely accommodated in this building. In the event that the care needs of the residents living at Churchill House change the staff will support the residents and their families in locating more suitable accommodation.

Tour information

Tours are available to those that have been pre-authorized for assisted living by a case manager. 

Last updated October 2020

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