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<div class="ExternalClass31562B5E30304C908340776B0BCE4E2B"><div><div>A 16-week outpatient stimulant addiction treatment program. Program serves residents of Vancouver, Richmond, the North Shore up to Pemberton and the Sunshine Coast. </div><div><br></div><div>This day/evening program offers group treatment, along with individual counselling sessions. Offers a youth stream which serves youth aged 16 through 25 and a stream serving gay/bi men. </div><div><br></div><div>Clients can either self-refer or they can be referred by an agency. Please call for program referrals, promotional materials and/or to book a presentation.</div></div></div>1292 Hornby 714-6264(604) 714-3480V6Z 1W2BC49.2774438,-123.1296355<div class="ExternalClass3E0619D31F8B45C6B86391DD3AA65D4B">Clients can either self-refer or they can be referred by an agency. Please call for program referrals.<br></div><div class="ExternalClassE3D2C8FEC161428DA5698E70939AB000"><div>Youth stream serves young adults aged 16 - 25.</div><div><br></div></div>Three Bridges Community Health Centre

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