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    • Exceptional care

      Deliver timely access to high quality, appropriate, low-carbon care for the best health outcome, in the best setting: hospital, home or community.

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    • Research and innovation for impact

      Create a vibrant research and innovation ecosystem for better health outcomes and health system sustainability.

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    • Great place to work

      Work together to build a healthy workplace with opportunities to grow and develop.

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    • Healthy people

      Support optimal health and well-being by addressing the social determinants of health.

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    • Service plan 2020/2021-2022/2023

    • Service plan 2019/2020-2021/2022

    • Service plan 2018/2019-2020/2021

    • Service plan 2017/2018-2019/2020

    • Service plan 2016/2017-2018/2019

    • Service plan 2015/2016-2017/2018

    • Service plan report 2019/2020

    • Service plan report 2018/2019

    • Service plan 2017/2018

    • Service plan report 2016/2017

    • Service plan report 2014/2015

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Read more on how we monitor and track our performance to ensure our services meet your needs.

Environmental sustainability

Learn more about our focus on planetary health, climate change and ensuring all parts of society and all populations can access health services and enjoy good health.


Discover the new activities we are implementing into practice to improve quality and safety of care, administrative efficiency, and enhanced staff and patient experiences.